Update 02/10

Ok, Skype talk finished. Sorry to hear Ian work is enslaving you so much:( but here is the plan we have made.

Next work day:

Sunday 06/10 from 11:00

-putting felt on shed

-marking out paths and starting preparing them – important to increase safety on plot plus will help us see a structure to the available area DS and KP to bring garden twine, AK to look for bunting:)

-chat about blog and FB page while happily digging paths

-celebrate success of Southend Soup – master baker DS to bring a cake, KP as usual tea and coffee, others bring goodies along as well to nourish our bodies and souls.

Ross I have seen you have been able to view the docs, they might not make much sense initially but hopefully you made out what is what.

Ross and Bosco, feel free to join in the work day.

I have set up the blog for the plot at https://sitcommunityallotment.wordpress.com/ and connected it with the Facebook Page we will later on play with the template, pics and contents.
And OMG Big Brother has done up to date satellite pictures of our plot http://goo.gl/JrW0qd with the covers on.
 Next Skype talk next week on the 09/10/2013 Wedn 20.30-21.30

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