SiT Community Allotment update 06/10

What a lovely day it was! We could not believe it was October it was so warm.
Duncan, Adriana, myself and Ross got to work on the shed’s roof and felt, the latter one purchased from the donations from Southend Soup. Now we did not need the roof today but well into Autumn and Winter when we visit the plot and the weather decides to treat us to some rain we will have a dry place to hide away for a cup of tea.
Last week felt like a historic moment for our plot as we put up the shed. After months of design work and keeping the weeds at bay with a quilt of the weed control fabric, tarps and whatever else we could fish out from skips and our backgardens one can actually believe now that we are going to be doing something worthwhile with the plot. Dave from the SEAGS was probably wondering when to let us know that he needs to let the plot to someone who will actually grow something on it:) but now we can crack on to measure out the paths and beds and start digging. Not sure how much we will get to plant this season but while doing the weeding we can do some foraging so there will be a yield for sure.
Having so many helping hands made the work easy and fun and each of us drifted to the work which was right for them. Bosco popped in for a chat and Fiona was in touch saying she wants to join in so we had another example of how Southend Soup keeps on giving. Let me know if you want to be kept up to date with our work days, send me your email or text and do not worry if you cannot come here and there. We as the core of the group will keep on coming and you can fly in when you want and can, no stress.
We found lots of time to cherish the food brought in, excellent chili by Ross, bread from Birdwoods in Leigh on sea, Adriana’s cake, Duncan’s pasties, Alicja’s cakes and coffee. Were did we squeeze the work in I wonder still…
The plot starts to take shape in the material world but I could also witness the seed of the invisible yields which it is even more about than just plain old growing food. Like minded people connecting through work, new friendships forged, business ideas to change the worlds exchanged, warm words of support and practical help offered for people to develop their passions. And all that in an afternoon on a plot where no seed was planted yet. As Graham said “Permaculture is revolution disguised as organic gardening”.  I am looking forward to the months to come.
Next work day coming this Sunday from 11:00 and we are having a Skype talk this Wed from 20:30. Might see you at the Apple Day on Saturday beforehand.
Please bring work boots, a spade or fork if you have one, gloves, food, drinks, twine, rope or bunting as we are going to be measuring the paths and beds out. Such fun.
Some pictures from the plot here, as  you see I was having a Picassa moment editing them:)

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