SiTCommA update 13/10

Oh wow what a weather this Sunday. Rain and rain, was anyone flooded this time?

Don’t get me wrong we will not shy from a little rain but the deluge day long would make it impossible to do any progress in digging the plot. Any work would turn into a mud bath and as funny that vision now looks in my head it would not get us far ahead. Instead people were encouraged to stay home and do this a rest day with cuppa and cuddling to the special one/teddy bear/pooch. No one complained about that:)
Luckily we have used the Saturday the day before well and and after a successful Apple Day with the help of Duncan and Leyla took the chairs and tables donated by Growing Together folk to the plot.
The shed on inspection looked dry inside so we have done a good job last week with putting on the felt and the weed control fabric is suppressing the weed uprising. We got a bench and table donated kindly by Alicja which will be a nice feature on the plot. Hmm seems like we are doing and getting everything to keep dry and warm and have a place to sit and the digging moves on later and later but hey this plot is not about starting a second job and doing overtime. It is supposed to help create social glue in our group and wider community through gentle work and leisure so I think we are doing the right thing.
The Apple Day conversations and the apples we scrumped from an apple tree next to the allotments brought up conversations again about using the abundance of fruit in Southend. Hopefully in the future there will be people interested to drive forward a Scrumping project, at the moment our group is focusing on one thing at a time… but if you wanted to start something up let us know and we will help you get in touch with other people. Add your fallen fruits here.
You can join us for the next work day 20/10 Sunday 11-14, although the weather forecast is not favourable at the moment it might change as it did last week so if you plan to come to the plot text me and I will update you on the day. If it is raining we will meet up indoors (to be decided where) to do some design/planning work. Skype call 16/10 at 8:30 for the core group.
Thanks to Duncan, Leyla and Growing Together this week for their work and donations.
£66.2 in the pot from Southend Soup
+ £4 from donations for the Transition Free Press
PS. Oh yes, Leyla is a new member of our core group, meet the white VW camper with her trailer.

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