SiTCommA update 20/10

Hmm, the weather is not always as we hope it would be when we plan our work on the plot.

We are getting to know the struggles farmers and food growers all over the world face when they need to dance to an uncertain rhythm with the changing weather bound to change even more. Our problem is much smaller than theirs as what we grow on the plot does not determine the success of our business or survival but it does translate into enforced changes to our work patterns.

Our bodies also have their own rhythm and this week a few of our core team were healing colds so we decided to have a restful weekend. Again:)

Instead we mused what are our feelings and ambitions for the next month to keep the vision and ourselves going.

Ross wrote his ambition is to see : “level access and pathways to make access easier and safer, kitted out and secure shed”

Duncan “A few thoughts on our CA in some chronological order I hope. To balance infrastructure and growing space, with the shed we owe some time to staking out paths and a few beds and how nice it would be to plant something this year, anything ….fruit bush? Then perhaps we can have some guilt free time on infrastructure design i.e Workshop / storage pergola, please keep sniffing for builders bulk bags for our up-cycled roof idea. Our loyal tool cupboard deserves being treated to
some doors (I have possible candidates) then/relocate closer to shed? And breath….So many things to do now project is coming together. Lets hope for some forgiving Autumnal weather. One for all and all for one

Adriana wrote: ” Excited to see that our community allotment temple is still standing after 3 weeks but sad to see it is fighting the nearby brambles on its own. It would be great to build him a companion in this organic paradise. Seeing the paths taking shape and workshop structure rising up will be a great success and motivation for all five allotment musketeers over next few months.”

Adriana’s words echo the core teams feelings I think as we all longed to have a dig of sorts, to get to work on a physical structure while we were doing the design. We had to be patient as work and life meant we could not always meet up or Skype chat weekly but we were steadily chopping away at this piece of work we set ourselves slowly realising the actual shape.

To keep your vision alive as well see this design Sketch to which we are loosely working to.

The measurements have changed for some of the objects already as we decided to align the shed West-East with the door towards West and to move it out a meter to allow for some storage space behind it. This means the triangular beds will be shorter. As I have learnt at the Permaculture Design Course two years ago “The map is not the territory” so we are keeping flexible with the design but we have spent much time on the design process to “Make mistakes on paper” rather than in real life.

Looking back at what we have achieved so far we have a close-knit core team, we have regular meetings and calls in place, design of the plot, shed set up, soil covered up to prevent weeds from growing and support from the community expressed at Southend Soup. I have calculated that since starting thinking about the project in 2012, through initial conversations to first workdays and meetings we must have put in a minimum of 300hrs, over 36 normal working days, over 7 (5 day working) weeks. 300hrs is a very, very conservative number in itself and I have not even tried to count the time we spent thinking, dreaming, talking about the plot as this would probably multiply the 300hrs. Lets pop a champagne cork to celebrate:) I bow to you my friends and colleagues.

Incredible what a passionate group of people can achieve… might we already changed the physical and social fabric of reality around us but do not perceive the manifestation of it yet? Like with the shed, from the moment we have put its location on paper, the potential for it was there. It was a magical moment when we actually put it there but it felt to me as if it was there already for a long time. Just waiting to show up for us. What other things in Southend have the potential to manifest themselves via networks of people such as Southend Soup, Southend Swap Group, Foraging Group, SEEOG, Trust Links, SAVS, SHARE, public agencies and businesses etc. How exciting is the anticipation for what can emerge…

If you want to see what comes out of this effort follow the blog or Facebook Page and pop down for a cup of tea and cake on the open days.

Next work day is on the 26/10 from 11 until 14. Let me know if you are planning to come so I can update you should plans change. Let us help you manifest your passions.

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  1. Please keep me informed.
    I am very interested.
    I found this first bundle of info a bit confusing as there was quite a bit to look at. Not your fault. Pl advise more on tonight’s talk.
    Well done! Good luck.
    Best regards rowena

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