‘Ahoj’ from Adriana

An accountant by trade, an artist at heart. Passionate about human communication and empowering people to explore opportunities where others see dead-end.

What made me join this project? Simply, the strong connection with like-minded people and shared vision: Helping people to develop their confidence, explore possibilities to become more self-sufficient and improve their connection with each other, with their community and the nature (I have been missing the nature due to my office job a lot!).

Planting and growing the seed of self-sufficiency.

I joined the community allotment project in April 2013 and has become a regular member since. My ambition was to learn how to run a community focused project in a fun-filled way and create a space for other people to shine.

Little did I know that our venture was going to turn into a life changing experience for me, helping me to integrate more passions into my lifestyle. My network of inspiring friends burgeoned within last 6 months. I also found a local supplier of dairy-free organic chocs, free range eggs, delicious local honey – http://www.essexbees.co.uk.

Thanks to everyone’s support, I am already running an eco-art group for children in London, expanding to Southend in 2014. After Sherry’s encouragement, the project will be presented at the next Southend Soup (a huge thank you Sherry for this).

Networking with Southend passionate women is another perk this wonderful project had thrown into my life.  This is how we create together. We share our life stories, laugh, colour with pencils and inspire each other!


Keen to join? We are meeting on Thu 14th of Nov, 7.00pm again at the Cricketers. Don’t be afraid to dream big, connect with us to share your passions and visions. Everyone can feel fulfilled.

Which ever project you’d love to join, come and say Ahoj (we don’t bite). There has never been a better time and place than NOW and HERE in Southend.  🙂

Thanks Duncan for your great tuition and help with creating my first blog!

ps: For those who don’t know, ‘Ahoj’ is a nice slovak word for greeting your friends, relatives, even good-looking strangers …

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