Update Saturday work day 02/11/13

Once again the weather has meant we can’t get our hands dirty,  even so, we met full of purpose; to get some work done! Planning is detailed and ongoing, getting it right at this stage is a big part of the permaculture ethos.

The attendees were Kamil,Duncan,Ian, myself – Fiona and our host Adriana. As the newbie in the group I am still getting to know the members, Ian is a new acquaintance and I met Adriana briefly at Thursdays’ interesting lecture by Prof Jules Pretty.

After drinks and chat we settled down to business. Kamil shared some reading material, which is a thoughtful and handy learning tool, I am currently reading “Blessed Unrest” by Paul Hawken that he lent me at the last meeting.

First we reviewed the Action Plan with the three main tasks … Prepare site for growing, Set up organisation and Outreach… all towards our goal of setting up a community allotment. It was encouraging to see how far the plan had progressed… a very satisfying list of tasks already crossed out after the core members’ hard work. During the winter months there will be more focus on the second and third tasks. There will be a lot of opportunity to develop and share existing skills and learn new ones.

And so …onto the blogging workshop. Duncan patiently went through all the steps with Adriana and myself, she was soon flying away. Ian  is an experienced blogger so was set up quickly with Kamils’ advice. One of us (ahem!) took a little longer.

blog photo

When I was asked to bring along a laptop or similar to a workday I was confused (wellies and a spade I can understand!)  But the importance of using technology for group communication, planning and spreading the message is something I have quickly come to appreciate.

Then it was time for lunch. Adriana had made three (three!) delicious soups, and Duncan a decadent dessert. Sharing food and discussing our inspirations and motivation made us even more creative, the ensuing lively brainstorming session meant we strayed somewhat from the agenda and ran out of time. We resolved to be more on topic at future meetings!

I feel so lucky to have met a group of like-minded people who are positive, knowledgeable and hopeful. I know we are going to achieve great things. Come and join in!

I was energised to turn my compost and plant broad beans…. small beginnings …………

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