SiTComA update Planning Day 16/11/2013

Today’s planning day was spent on working out what type of organization inspires us and we started brainstorming ideas and actions.

We started with the Appreciative Inquiry interviews on “what makes a great organization/team” and started to brainstorm the goal and reasons why. We will be adding to it on the next meetings and Skype calls so people who cannot come to all meetings can still contribute and I am figuring a way out of doing it online so even if you cannot attend a meeting you can still log in for a few minutes and add your points.


Hopefully next meeting that Adriana and Ian can attend they can also do the Appreciative Inquiry interview.

Fiona and Alex will meet up for a skill share teaching each other WordPress blogging and use of Google Docs.

We are having a Skype call this week coming Wed 20:00 or 20:30 for an hour.

I enjoyed working with you guys and gals today, it felt energizing and friendly. Thank you Fiona for offering to do the write up and for the lovely food, the chili was just fine to nourish us and the apple dessert a winner.Next Actions:

Meetings to continue working out the plan for Setting Up the Organization or work days for Preparing the Site for Growing. We will adapt according to the weather and our fancy:)

Watch out for future dates and contact us if you want to get involved in the Work Days or Planning Days.

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