Saturday Club

It’s Saturday and with a few members focusing their energies elsewhere temporarily, it was down to Alex, Adriana and myself who enjoyed a nice meeting of perfecting our newly acquired blogging skills, a great planning program -Mindmap and not to mention the these wonderful life tools AI and various pearls of knowledge these get togethers never fail to harvest.

Adrianas place is great for these meetings, an abundance of tasty infused teas kept our heads and spirits steaming on.  The mind42map is a cunning tool to help record progress, make decisions, and give a birds eye view of these poly-branched community allotment projects or any project for that matter.  Adriana swiftly coached Alex and I on navigating, joggling and adding notes to the mindmap.  It was my pleasure to help with Alex’s final edit before posting her first and introductory blog post, she politely accepted my help despite I feel she knew more than I did!

After all that cerebral graft confirmed by the rumbling tums we were treated to a fine hot Mexican egg tortilla dish, expertly prepared by Alex accompanied with a wholesome potato and pasta dish thanks to Adriana, back to old England for desert with a foraged apple and cherry pie, that is I foraged the apples and cherries:)

After lunch I cheekily hijacked the meeting slightly to tap into the talented artistic skills of Adriana for some feedback on the Logo I am designing for my Solar electrical business.  Luckily for me, Alex had designed Logos for the Society she started for her University, together with Adriana they molded my clumsy effort into a thing of beauty.

Google allotment

Thanks be for another good day in the community allotment clutch.

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