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Community Allotment update 29/01/2014

We had productive meetings both 18/01 and 26/01 and an online Hangout on the 21/01

18/01 we started off on the with a quick run through reflecting on the process of setting up the community allotment: what worked in 2013, what did not work/frustrated us in 2013 and what do we want to continue with/address in 2014. For example what worked were regular meetings, diversity of ideas and good division of tasks, what was frustrating was technology not always working or too many tools used. At the next meeting we will discuss what to continue with and how to address issues for 2014 to keep the work going and and ensure we are having an enjoyable experiences.


That gave us plenty food for thought and we discussed some of the points in more detail.

21/01 Virtual meeting consisted of testing out of Google Hangout instead of Skype and it worked really well. We will use it from now on for our mid week communication.
25/01 we went out with Duncan to pick up some scaffolding boards which we will use for our raised beds, they are long and good width and thickness. Thanks to Lee from L.A.B. scaffolding for that bounty. Much appreciated. How many more goodies like that are laying around industrial estates which could be used for so many other projects? Stop there Kamil:), focus…
26/01 meeting was at Duncan’s, kept warm by the wood stove we discussed steps which will take us to our goal of setting up an organization for Southend in Transition which will enable us to manage and support the community plot and other projects.

We used cut outs with some of the actions suggested so far and grouped them into Research charity structure, Design, Implement, Maintain and Review/Evaluate. We added actions and prioritized to keep things simple and effective and then people took ownership of actions.


Some of us are starting with near zero knowledge on the topics but by researching them and supporting each other we will soon have built up knowledge and skills just like we have built up the shed:) on the plot. Out of an empty space a structure will manifest itself just be patient and put one foot in front of the other.

We finished off with a feast which Duncan, I gather must have been preparing from around 4 AM that morning and we even got some take away for home.
Looking forward to the next feast, that is I meant Planning Meeting:)
Next social meeting is at the Transition Drink 30/01 from 7pm at the Olde Trout and then Planning Meeting 01/02 Saturday 11-13.
Get in touch if you are interested in joining or advising the core group or if you just want to pop in for a chat.