We all woke up to a beautiful sunny morning on Saturday. The sunshine which most of us craved for after a few days of constant rain lifted our energy levels up and set us off for a great meeting. We had another succesful brainstorming session. It amazes me how much work can be done in just a few hours when creative minds get together. After a warm welcome at Fiona’s place in Shoeburyness, Kamil treated us to a delicious home-made juice prepared with love from carrots, celery, beet root, lemon, apple and ginger.


As usual, we started our meeting with a short review of actions from the last week. It is just a short exercise but it keeps us focused and on track with our accomplishments.  We also took the opportunity  to diarise a couple of important dates for our work days at the allotment in March and April when we can finally get our fingers dirty again. It has been a few months since we visited the plot, so we thought it may be refreshing to share the progress we have made so far especially for Alex who has not had the pleasure of seeing the plot in real life yet. This is how the allotment looked when I saw it for the very first time in March last year.


And this is where we are at the moment. Our next task will be measuring the paths, beds and get the basic structure in place.

Community allotment

Whilst our plot is hibernating, we are using the time to research on the criteria for the most suitable organisational form we would love to pursue in 2014/2015.  Each of us looks after a specific part of the research. It’s a range of topics from ethical banking to insurance policies, accounting and budgeting, HMRC requirements, decision making, charitable aspects etc. All these tasks may seem daunting when done on your own but working with a group, sharing our findings and experiences makes it all rather exciting. And of course, to add some flavour to it we indulged in  dark chocolate and maple sirup sweets from Canada I brought from my last trip. Do notice the place mats! Guess what they are made off! Got it? Yes, it’s rolled up newspaper. These particular set was made in South Africa. Don’t they look amazing?!

Newspaper place matsThe brainstorming seemed like a good excuse to enjoy another feast 🙂 Fiona has made a fantastic soup from root veggies and home-made bread.  Duncan contributed with amazing fruit crumble. Kamil shared with us about his meeting with a couple interested in transition towns he met the last weekend. The lunch was a great opportunity to get to know members of Fiona’s family who too joined us to share the delicious food.

Right, now off to complete the doodle to schedule further meetings for February! Happy Monday everyone!

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