Stand by your raised beds

After many cold dark nights chained to the drawing board / PC Cad program and unpicking banking and insurance admin tasks, this weekend we finally got back to what it’s all about with an epic work day.
And what a workday.. The joy of a reclaimed scaffold board raised beds build. Ohh uncontrollable thigh rubbing behaviour beware!

A last-minute recruit (thanks a lot Mark) Made the struggling numbers up to a trinity of keen alotmenteers. We barely needed any of the much deliberated and fine tuned drawing plans, which by now were ingrained in our heads.  We visualized, measured, cut, screwed, and occasionally unscrewed re-measured and re-screwed in the correct place.

Mark and Duncan getting our backs into it

Mark and Duncan getting our backs into the scaffold board sawing.

Soon our triangular raised beds were starting to take shape.  A good chance for Mark to practice accurate sawing, once he had decided which was his dominant hand.  I envy Ambidexterity, why wear out one side of the body all the life?7


The first bed comes together, there’s no ‘ I ‘ in team.

My lesson learnt being:- know your pegs after positioning all the beds a foot further north than intended! With significant progress evident and the sun comfortably west we felt we had more than earned a break.
A tasty ploughman picnic, of hearty home-made bread, spicy Canvey South african sausage and cheese, apples and chutneys, all supplied by our cordonbleur catering…….Cheers Fiona, I don’t know how my lent chocolate abstinence stayed intact with the grand looking chocolate and banana cake 🙂

Happy men at work

Happy men at work.

Refueled and happy especially in the mediterranean like sun which has been sorely missed, we pressed on with the final stage with the days target of half the raised beds built within reach.


Voila! that’s half the raised bed build and looks better in real life than on a drawing board / Cad program

” I was so impressed by how much work we achieved, just goes to show how motivated we were. The beds look fantastic and it is so good to see the design spring into life. “Fiona

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