Work day 19/07/2014

We were not sure if we manage to get much done today due to the weather but in the end the clouds spared us rain.

We worked on:
-onions dug up and drying in greenhouse
– coffee grains worked into soil and bed ready for Fiona’s beetroot and cabbage seedlings
– tomatoes took well and are watered
– pumpkin and shark fin melon growing up the shed, additional cords tied in – need to remember where the shed is as next time it might be covered in lush growth 🙂
– phacelia cut and left to wilt, to dig in next time
– Fiona attacked some brambles
– found a random spearmint plant
– permaculture principles poster went up in shed
-prized pumpkin might not get us the prize
– Duncan doing some cerebral work on the workshop design

Day finished off with some mozzarella salad, iced tea and oat cookies.

While walking through the allotment I spotted a lovely bug hotel. Little treasures of others creativity.

See you maybe next time.

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