Sailing….. Workday 26.07.14

Scorching hot weather has meant we have been gasping for a bit of shade, hence a nifty bit of recycling of an old blind into a shade sail….26.07.14 7

In other news…

The tomato plants are happy in the palatial greenhouse. We harvested our first potato crop from seed potatoes kindly donated by SEEWEN. The pumpkin is continuing its quest for shed domination and we are lovingly tending to it.26.07.14 6

26.07.14 526.07.14 4

A few months ago I bought a triple grafted apple tree from very interesting man who has the most amazing garden at the back of his fast food cafe in Canvey (there are gardeners everywhere!) He grows fruit trees from seeds saved from supermarket fruit and does his own grafting. I had intended to wait until autumm to plant it in the allotment but it was getting stressed in its old oil tin. Duncan had been given a lovely walnut tree by Trustlinks so we planted both, gave them lots of water and hope for the best! It is lovely to see the start of our orchard.

26.07.14 3

And a final word from one of our dedicated volunteers

26.07.14 11



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