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21 October 2014

We now have Broad Bean plants available for purchase at £1.40 for twelve plants. They can go in the ground now and be ready next year earlier than a spring sowing and hopefully then beat the black fly . Limited number this week but more on the way.

I am also putting together and order of Fruit Trees or Fruit Bushes.

Various varieties of Tree of Apple Pear Plum or Cherries, Black Currants, Red Currants or Gooseberries and Raspberries.

They will be at very reasonable cost if you want to be added to the order please get in touch soon.

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Saturday 12:00 till 14:00 Sunday 10:00 till 11:30

Dave Alston
07801 355630

Southend (East) Allotments and Garden Society The new Bee Border on the south side has…

Mick Holland posted in Southend (East) Allotments and Garden Society

Mick Holland
Mick Holland 5 September 16:00

The new Bee Border on the south side has certainly attracted a vast number of pollinating insects since it burst into flower. To date, 69 different pollinators have been identified excluding bees!! The main insects to make use of the food source have been hoverflies. We have created a barrier alongside the railings to restrict the amount of rubbish blowing onto the border, and the Community Payback lads made a great job of tidying up the lane side.

We are hoping that next year the display of flowers will be even better. With that in mind, donations of plant and flower seeds wil be gratefully received. Many thanks to all who have helped so far