Easter Eggcitement


No rain forecast and a good flag flying breeze for the Easter weekend SIT plot meet up.

Which lucky gatherer will discover this sweet treasure?


Next on the itinerary, the seed bomb making.

Not a bad batch for our first seed bomb cook up.  Now dry in warmish place (greenhouse) for a couple of days for  super-crispy-explode on impact bombs.

Now we have almost depleted most of the seed stocks making bombs we had better get on with the seed swap.  Thankfully Danielle an avid grower who runs a small farm in Rochford and her apprentice seedsmith daughter brought a veritable selection to help restock. Good to see old favourites, beans, peas, carrots, but also many unusual varieties ;like Cucumelon striped beetroot and one I am looking forward to to giving a go – multicoloured sweetcorn!

After all this hard work, hmm hard play on this occasion, the call of lunch was a welcome one.But first, a toast to our acquisition of a second, half plot in, front of ours.Adam’s superb Hadleigh castle blackberry wine went down exceedingly well. A nice picnic of Tasty hummus or cheese sandwiches tortillas, a few of Danielles wonderful gluten free cup cakes, is there no end to this ladies talents? And to me Gluten free = taste-full, all washed down with teas, coffees or cocoa. Now  we are proudly stewarding one whole plot, with the  second half we will be creating a child orientated play and learn area.
Sitcommas 2016 is of to a flying start.  See you on the plot Saturday 9th 10-1400..

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