Saturday 9th April Plot Visit

Our latest visit themed ‘Seed, Weed and Read’, while dampened by the rain, did not dampen the spirits of all those in attendance!


We kicked the day off by bringing various materials along to the plot site, including reclaimed wood ready for our next plot building project and top soil awaiting use for our new plot dig later on this year.  Some wonderful manual labour to warm us up.


Duncan set up his compost sifting creation and commenced working through several batches of sifting with gusto, in preparation for the summer compost needs.


Next was the planting of many varieties of seeds in the greenhouse which will be planted in the beds once developed enough to transfer.  Not forgetting planting some elephant garlic kindly donated by the Site Hut.


Weeding is a never ending task and the rain did not deter our efforts to clear the beds as best as possible, despite the wet conditions.


Of course no plot visit would be complete without the essential hand and heart warming hot drinks accompanied by the tasty delights brought along by plot attendees, to include leek and potato quiche and a cous cous salad followed by the sounds of poetry recited by attendees.  All of which completed the theme perfectly and enlightened our creative sides!


Hence while the weather may have not been forgiving, our spirits were not in the least dampened and we set out to achieve our goal of ‘weed, seed and read’ with full stomachs and inspired minds.


Please do join us for our next plot visit, whether it be to simply see what we are all about, plant some seeds, weed some beds or enjoy a cup of tea in the relaxed surroundings, we warmly welcome you along!

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