Sunday Session 24/04/16

The usual suspects turned up to brave the weather again ( predicted snow!) fortunately only a bit of rain and hail, interspersed with enough sunshine to keep us motivated.

I have my usual tour of the plot, checking on what’s new, everything is looking green and healthy. The seeds we planted in the greenhouse are mostly romping away but the “permanent” marker turned out not to be, so its going to a guessing game for some plants, all part of the fun.

On the agenda today is to start on the  potting/tool  extension to our shed, rather a tricky project as the allotment society have put new rules in place about buildings. We do aim to keep to the rules. Kamil and Duncan have been collecting old doors and have a plan…


Jodie got stuck in planting potatoes that had already sprouted, everything is keen on this plot.IMAG0032

I got with potting on the gem squash and beetroot choggia, yum, my 2 favorite veg! Here is a preview to whet your appetite

We had some surprise visitors for tea and advice. Nicola and Marie from ” Growing for the Future” community allotment. They are a new project based at Eastern Ave allotment site and need lots of help and donations of stuff, tools etc. You can read more about them at . they were presenting at our friend Southend Soup.

A delicious lunch to keep our strength up, thank you Alicja for the split pea soup, just what was needed!

Then Alicja and Nella helped to replant the strawberries in the new fruit bed. Looking forward to a good harvest.

A final pause to admire our handiwork and homeward bound. Join us next time!

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