Short session on the plot 04/06/2016

A quick trip to the plot to meet with a gardening company. We are trying to find ways to speed up work on the family plot which requires heavy digging so getting quotes is one option.

We had a good chat and will stay in touch with them as the garden green waste can feed out compost bins.

Broad beans are in competition with the sunflowers and reaching dazzling heights. Mints love being placed under water butt tap and having the occasional splatter of water.

If you need to add some fertility to your garden used coffee grounds are one option. Below are a few places you can stock up, ask nicely, keep it clean.

1. Utopia cafe
2. Nosh in Forum library, Sara advised she will put the coffee grounds in the fridge for us daily, just ask for them
3. McDonald’s at Garons roundabout, if the young person at the till does not know what you are asking about ask team leader. Very forthcoming and can get loads.
4. Waitrose, near Garons, they put it in the tin bin right of main entrance, bring a bag
5.Costa in hospital, just ask

So if you happen to be there or near just ask and you will be rewarded:)

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