Gardening and conversing on the 11/06

This is the best time of year to be in the garden. Warmth from the sun, gentle breeze, plants largely look after themselves. This seasons changing weather makes the weeds happy as well and we get a regular work out on the weeds.

We had a good go at the tool storage and like the way it is going to keep them organised plus Fiona will be very pleased with the upcoming potting table next to it.


Sara has brought us a tool from Spain made from copper which is said to keep away slugs and a cross between a 3-pronged cultivator and a hoe and helped our brassicas by cutting down the tops of the German Alpine Spinach to make it more bushy and not to crowd out the other saplings and applied some used ground coffee around the plants to feed them.

Jason visited us for the first time and cracked on with cutting the grass which enjoys the rain and sun and needs to be seen to each time we are there. The plot looks more presentable thanks to the teams persistence.

It was great to observe the interactions on the plot, in a space 15m by 9m people can find a quiet space for themselves tending to the plants and can also join together in work and conversations flow.

A perk of the day was meeting Dan from Essex Bees tending to his cuties. He was generous and we tried fresh honey and wax straight from the comb. Delicious.

We finished off with a lunch with a rise salad followed by fruit and so the day came to an end.

Feedback from Jason:

I am quite nervous and feel a little uncomfortable when meeting new people, but everyone one was very nice and friendly which helped a lot. It was also nice to get my hands into the soil, and see a modest result for my efforts. The tool room looked great, and the food was very nice too. Looking forward to doing it again soon. Thanks

Next plot day will be on the 26/06 Sunday 10-14 and looking forward to seeing you for a cup of tea or a dig depending on what you feel you need.


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