Team effort goes far… plot session 27/08/16


Re-invigorated by the cooler start to the day after the heat wave of late, Fiona, Jodi, Kamil and I keenly arrived at the plot first, to set up ready to welcome volunteers or visitors, there has been a steady flow of new faces and regular visitors this year and pleasingly today’s session followed this trend.

We were very happy to welcome four plot first timers (or first time I’ve seen them!), Councilor for Kursaal ward, Hellen Mcdonald, partner Jim, their friends Hellen and Aisha.  A more frequent visitor the plot recently Jason, a poetry collective member joined us just in time for Lunch, always great to hear Jason waxing lyrical on hot topics of mutual interest.

The work party helped turning over the raised beds to a fine tilth, as Jim says if the large clods are left to get sun baked they turn into brick hard.  I appreciated Jims collaboration to help with the next stage of the potting / tool storage structure build, namely creating the framework to support the roof sheets, these will also collect more rain water.


On a recent trip to Edinburgh we visited my Uncle who had kindly prepared dozens of cuttings from his beautiful ornamental, herbaceous garden.  Adding more diversity of plants to the plot not only looks pleasing but should encourage more varieties of insects and wildlife, a better balance means a healthier garden.

Such a hive of activity on the plot this time so much so we were all so ravenous come lunch time we even forgot to photo the wonderful feast , how sinful!  Alitja’s meditereanean gluten free pea pasta bake, some fresh toms from the plot, yum and to keep up the standards fiona had baked superb vegan chocolate brownies.
Re-energized we finished the day’s session by giving the plot a good drink before we went on our merry ways.

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