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  1. Just wanted to leave a reply and a review. Quite honestly this place has been a haven of tranquility for me since a very traumatic series of events in the last couple of years I just needed to get out in nature and get my hands into the earth and be around supportive, kind people. It was a good place to go as not only did I get those two objectives fulfilled I found a niche for my meditation teaching and for my feminist poetry collective to speak. I was also able to eat the most amazing shared meals and chat about all manner of positive and hope centred issues. We shared seeds, info on gardening, therapies and parenting tips. Talked about events in the local area and really got a sense of community going.

    I also met a beautiful and trustworthy man who I’m pleased to say I have been dating for three months so, I’d say it’s a perfect antidote for depression, grief and loneliness, gets you back to the real you, and gives a sense of purpose And you get cake!

    • Wow, thanks Sarah, we did hope that the place would be more then just where we grow some food and your experience has highlighted so many other yields which can be obtained from a plot 9m by 15m:)

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