I have popped down to meet up with a timebanker who is interested in getting involved. Looking forward to another beneficial relationship.

We are still lucky with the weather and the plants are getting their autumn colours.

Jim continues on the crusade of digging the Family Plot winning meter by meter over the space for us. Need to check with him if he wants a monument or plaque with his name to express our gratitude:).

I have fed our compost bins with coffee grounds and water. Some nice fungal web developing and wood lice all over helping with the decomposition.

I emptied one of the water butts in which we decompose our root weeds and weed seeds. If we put them on the normal compost we would have an invasion a year after. This way we don’t throw  them away and the fertility in them will be used next season when we empty out the leftover muck and sticks.

I got a bit sentimental Ian and Adriana as those roots were the ones we were digging up in the beginnings of the plot a few years ago and we forgot about the water butt. See how much we achieved since then…

Hope to see you next Sunday 23rd Oct 10-14.

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