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Trading Hut News


17 February 2017

Dear All

Seed Potatoes Onion Sets Shallots and Garlic in the Trading Hut

The Trading Hut re-opened last weekend which of course coincided with the snow which was lovely. A few hardy souls braved the weather and picked up seed potatoes, onion sets, shallots and garlic. However there is still plenty left so hopefully the weather will be better  this weekend so we look forward to seeing this weekend

We have the following in stock.

Seed Potatoes

We will have available the following varieties available:-

1st Earlies





King Edward

Sarpo Mira



Onion Sets

We have Stuttgarter Giant (Large yellow skinned with good yield and keeping qualities), Red Baron (dark coloured, excellent for salads)

250 gram bags for  £1..00p


We have Golden Gourmet 500 gram bag for £2.50p


We have a stock of Vigor which is a soft neck garlic with a strong flavour and early to mature. White cloves with slight purplish bands. Stores well.

30 pence a bulb

We have all our usual range of gardening products including compost and manure. Additionally I have bought in a full range of John Innes composts Nos 1,2&3 plus seed compost.

So hopefully we will see you this weekend.

Dave Alston

Trading Hut Manager

Dave Alston
07801 355630

Southend East Allotment & Garden Society

Trading Hut News

Southend (East) Allotments and Garden Society

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