Taster Day 11/02/2017

Yep, been there, done that. No snow, no wind will stop the community allotmentieers.

Our snow covered castlesnow on the plot

Neither could the garlic and broad beans be stopped. They will use every bit of sunshine and the slightest warmth to get those enzymes in the cells ticking and grow through winter.

elephant garlic coming through the snow broad beens need stacking garlic

There was time for tea of course. It was quiet, can you imagine that there was no one else? Sometimes it is nice to have this peace in the midst of an urban area and normally bustling allotments when the sun is out.

tea one

Next I feed the compost bins with some mushroom compost which were kindly donated by our very own mushroom growers at www.urbanfarmers.co.uk. I do hope to be surprised by a bunch of mushrooms growing on top of the contents of one of the bins towards spring.

mushroom compostmushroom

And another cup of tea before covering up the new plot designated for fruit trees and shrubs with the weed control fabric in preparation for spring when we can do some work there as well.

tea two

That’s it. See you at one of the events below:

Transition Drinks 23/02 from 7pm The Olde Trout
SiT Community Allotment Taster Days 26/02 Sun,  11/03 Sat 10-14, allotments of Hamstel Road (Southend Tennis and Leisure Centre end) entrance opposite Fish and Chips
www.Seeog.org.uk Potato day 25/02 10-14 Growing Together Westcliff, Fairfax Drive. Seed Swap alongside
THE 2nd! Southend Repair Cafe 5/03 10:30-15:30 Epicquest 24 Wallis Av
Radical Fair 6/05 May, The Railway Hotel

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