Seed Swapping

After a long winter of more cerebral activity its time to get the wellies on and get out there. In the Southend area the traditional start to this is Potato day. This is held by the dedicated folks of South East Essex Organic Gardeners  (SEEORG) at Trust Links, Growing Together, Westcliff. This year we were invited to host a Seed Swap stall.


Seed swapping gives people the opportunity to share a valuable commodity. Anyone with a bit of interest in gardening seems to end up with a LOT of seeds. They may have seeds left over from packets, most of us dont have room to grow the plants from an entire packet, maybe they tried to grow something that didnt work for them. Some of us have started saving seeds. It all encourages diversity, sustainabilty and less reliance on commercial seed growers.

The somewhat disapointing weather didnt put off the keen potato buyers and once they had stocked up on seed potatoes and onion and garlic sets they came over to browse our wide range. Danielle Neadley had a beautifully arranged selection….( well she is a professional! )



whereas our side was a bit of a pick ‘n mix ! Plus delicious parsnip and ginger cake baked by Duncan.


We had a number of people who took away a few seed of this and that in a twist of newspaper. A good way to try out something new.


I took some time out to do some shopping, so much nicer than a supermarket. Seed potatoes of course, Desiree, a reliable maincrop, and an interesting looking purple variety. Trust Links shop had fresh oyster mushrooms from local growers Urban Farmers and Shoeburyness Honey from the lovely Essex Bees.

Ian from WoodView Gardens had a temping selection of products at his stall.


Must avoid more seeds(!)…. did buy some funky purple striped pure wool garden twine, and a bag of volcanic dust from Remin, Scotland. Ian stocks the most amazing compost products made by Dalefoot composts …from sheeps wool.

Shopping over, it was time for delicious curry made by the local Asian community and a chat with new friends and old. Enjoying a spot of music while waiting for the raffle.

All in all a good day out. Come join us next time. Look out for the Trust Links Mayfayre and come along and join us at our Taster days on the allotment. Look forward to seeing you.

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