Family plot begins to take shape

Work day on the new family plot.  Jobs: till over area to be grass seeded, we were kindly donated a 2 stroke micro-rotovator by SEE Green party. The plot had begun to cover herself with greenery (some might say Weeds) we had to act fast before, Jim who single-handidly dug the entire plot over, the end of last year, might see. The little machine happily scrambled over the whole plot in double time and used only a couple of cups of petrol.

Whilst the plot was being prepared, Freya on her first visit to the plot worked on the layout, among some fruit trees and raised veg beds she envisioned a sensory garden including, stepping-stones, wind chimes, bunting, aromatic herbs and plants.  Watch out grand designs.

A promising discovery of several happy slow worm specimens cruising around the soon to be grass seeded area, we were more vigilant with the machinery after the first meeting with these handsome friendly guys.  This particularly gregarious boy or girl slow worm gave us a Celtic cross.

It’s ok Daddy I’ll keep shop Says Nella as Daddy wonders how he is going to repair his trusty bike trailor wheel, which at least waited until it got to the plot before deciding to shear itself away from the rest of the trailor.  This trailor has moved gear you wouldn’t believe possible.

After a tasty pan-world lunch of vegetable Massala made by Alitja and hard boiled eggs from my good trio of hen’s,  washed down with Sarah’s super healthy water Kafir drink.  Sorry no pictures  of the lunch this time, we must have been too consumed in both meanings of the word. The last jobs to round of a useful session was to fix up a Wendy house, some concrete garage sections made for a quick, solid and dry base, to help try and give this little children’s haven a third lease of life, yes This belonged to Freya before being donated to the neighbours who now donated back!.  Needs some new perspex for windows and a lick of paint, time for an art attack!  Leaving the plot I’m sure I speak for all when I recall the strong sense of achievement and comradary among not only our team but our lovely plot neighbours who are endlessly keen to share a kind word and often some useful tips, all part of the great allotment spirit.  Big Thanks to Kamil who returned the next day by himself to sew grass seed and a deploy netting system.

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