Easter Egg Hunt Produces a Good Yield.

The cooler start to the Saturday plot day and Easter Egg Hunt gave us worries that most people would take a rain check on visiting the plot but the weather gave way to a warm sunny afternoon and there where many “eggs” to be hunted for those that made it to the plot.


Work continued on the family plot with Kamil planting potatoes and Sarah painting the base colour on the Wendy house.  Meanwhile on the main plot, Alitja and Nella watered the seedlings in the greenhouse.  Duncan and Mark tended to the first, well needed grass cut of the season, Steve and his little one weeded the veg beds.

The lure of eggs bought along some of our neighbours with children who shared in lunch and the Easter egg hunt. Our new intrepid plot keeping neighbour, Peter and his daughter Amelia paid us a visit bringing some sweet Greek red wine no less! We like to socialise on the plot, well all work and no play and all that…

Just after a delicious lunch of sweet potato and butternut squash stew with traditional polish potato salad and lentil soup there was a little time left to pot up some of the pumpkin seeds we had saved from last year. Duly labelled and watered we can watch these grow in the greenhouse before planting out into the children’s plot.  In an attempt to have cooking facilities on the plot, we are experimenting with building our own rocket stove from recycled bricks.  I the want of fire bricks we are practising with plain house bricks using designs researched by Kamil on YouTube.



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