Sunday 14th May Spring work day.

Last Saturday’s plot day began with rain showers but this gave way to a glorious spring day.  The plot seemed to have been on overtime since the last work session a fortnight ago, Broad beans ready to harvest, Gooseberries ripening nicely already.  Of course the unplanned plants and grass growing abundantly also, giving us some jobs and eventually nice compost.

The composting seemed to have taken off over the last month now the ambient temperature is rising, most of our fleet of bins yielding good quantities of this fantastic dark food for the plants and veggies.

This week we had a bonus of a substantial quantity of shredded organic matter from a tree pruning job, this amazingly had already partially decomposed in just 2 days and the aroma was delightfully intoxicating.  We mulched much of this directly onto veggie beds, to help retain moisture, blank out weeds and rot down, feeding them, the remainder giving some new material into the compost bins.
The asparagus ferns, donated to us by Seeorg a couple of seasons back, have been struggling due to being overcrowded by our explosive grape vine so we decided to finally create a dedicated Asparagus bed.  We dug down two spits and lined with twigs and small branches then a good layer of compost before laying the asparagus crowns over mounds before backfilling and watering well.  See you in a year for an update on that.

A well earned lunch with a variety of tasty dishes, spicy cous cous, egg fried rice, fresh salads, chia seed dessert.  A turmeric milk made by our own Ayurvedic sage Sarah, really heals and restores those flaking bodies.  We also enjoyed Water Kafir, which contains probiotics, great for restoring the healthy bacteria and is so tasty and refreshing yet simple to prepare.
Just as we sat down to eat, what perfect timing, we were joined by Emily from SAVS who came to learn about our project so as to formulate a way to incorporate the work SAVS does with Sitcomma.  Watch this space.

Once restored we took some time to share some poetry, and some healing mantra songs. s Sarah and I shared one of our favourite classic poems called Desirate, by an author unknown.  Fiona shared a gorgeous, wonderfully subtle gardening poem based around the (unplanned plants not weeds theme).  Susan shared a poem she wrote some time ago about a poor, blind thief fending for his mother, which had us imagining it was a snowy Christmas in victorian london, surreal considering the pleasantly warm day, the poem was very clever, entertaining and emotional we were in awe.

Refueled and and full of enthusiasm we finished the afternoon with some pressing jobs, Susan and I weeded the potato beds, Mark and Tilly weeded the raised beds, strawberry /  rasberry beds.  Kamil kept up the watering of  the plants and the compost while young  Nella and Mia played gayly around the plot.
We sharedsome vine cuttings which had struck over the winter, with our neighbour Jacky who very kindly, donated to us, some lovey iris ryzones.  We  try logging all our endeavors, lists are rarely completed but one tick for all who attended this work session, i’m sure was the ‘experiencing the joys of community’   Hope to see you on the plot soon,  second Saturday fourth Sunday of each month.

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