Sunday 11th June 2017 Hot plot day



Another much anticipated of our fortnightly SitComma plot gatherings. The plot welcomed us in fine fettle after some delightful wet and warm weather and keen grass keeping from our summer grass mowing evening rota volunteers.  This meant grass cutting on the plot sessions was a breeze and allowed us to get on with some more creative tasks.

Tasks undertaken were, weeding, tying up grapevine (Sarah hopes to train it from the greenhouse to the potting shed and beyond, now that she has discovered a love of winemaking!), fitting re-claimed perspex into the Wendy house window-frames, building a new raised bed in the childrens plot (this one is for pumpkins…watch out everyone for future updates on progress), harvesting strawberries by the eager little ones, watering the greenhouse plants, harvesting some lavender, strimming, harvesting approx 8kgs of broad beans.

A highlight of the day was showing a journalist and her photographer from Sea and Bay Magazine around the plot. The magazine are doing a feature about allotment life and were enthusiastically welcomed by our team who wanted to share the story of our journey.  They were lovely ladies and seemed to engage with the energy on the plot, we will look forward to reading their article and if copywrite allows we will share on our blog.

As always the community element was as strong as the work party effort, and friendly advice and (and consolation after the election week!) was on hand. the day was topped off by the best fresh vegetarian food much of which was grown in our gardens and the plot, all enjoyed alfresco with happy friendly conversation and gratitude.


We look forward to anyone interested in joining us for watching the bees, listening to the birds and observing the clouds, (and a bit of gardening, eating and jawing) on Sunday the 25th June 10-14.00.

Before signing off we would like to say a big thank you to Fiona for the excellent talk she did at the Southend Food Plan consultation think tank at the Focal Point Gallery on Saturday. Hopefully moving forward the take up of SitComma initiatives and local food growing will mulitply, we are certainly seeing a groundswell of interest as we all evolve our awareness of the need for local resilience.

Peace Out Bug Hunters

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