There was so much going on…

The last Taster Day felt like the community allotment is coming of age. There was lots to do, lots of generous helping hands to do it and plenty of chatter and food.

We had Freya and Tom help us with the grass mowing and the team cleared the prolific broad beans to give the gooseberry some breathing space. It will make lovely compost in months to come.

People kept on streaming in and the weather was becoming hotter and hotter so we decided to set up the compact gazebo and fold-able table which we purchased from the Essex Community Foundation grant. Great thanks to Tilly and her family for help with setting it up – good to have someone who knows what they are doing. The gazebo is of professional standard and will last us for a long time. Built in Britain so it will be easy to source parts if needed. We got it for exactly for this purpose – to protect us from the elements on the plot and events. The gazebo sheltered us from the scorching sun and wind this time but in Autumn when it rains intermittently it will be nice to have a dry spot to wait the worst out with a cup of tea.

Ines and Alex visited and told us more about the community theater workshops and the people’s choir. We will be working together to make use of the plot and maybe stage a play! I would love for us to have a play there, maybe in the evening with some candles and lampoons hanged on the trees and plenty of burning herbs to drive the mosquitoes away. To find out more about the work of the theater company see

Thanks to the grant we were also able to purchase some battery powered tools and Duncan was able to crack on with the fencing for the family plot and in no time erected a many of the required posts. The quality tools will enable us to speed up some of the DIY efforts and involve a greater number of people to learn how to use them and build confidence. Alex and Ines came forward to help with the wood work on the plot so we might see some construction work going on soon.

We had more visitors streaming in with Piotr and his family who brought tasty smoothies and cookies. The latter ones must have been very popular as they disappeared in no time. The kids played with the water and in between the beds and then we enjoyed the beautiful lunch.

Following lunch we explored the wilderness next to our patch. Some revelers from other plots must have cleared paths in the thick jungle and we went for a walk about. The ivy covered wild cheery trunks shooting straight up to the sky give an impression of tropic wilderness. There were deep holes dug up by foxes and birds enjoyed the thicket. It’s going to be a few more weeks and we will be able to gather the juicy black berries. At the moment we have to carefully navigate their branches growing in all directions and reaching out for us like greedy fingers.

We returned to the tasks and some of us chatted about life, community and projects.

See the pictures and come see us in two weeks time.


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