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Willow tunnel a go! Sat Jan 27th. 2018 season gets underway.


Our early bird volunteer, Bill was waiting for us when we arrived at the plot, he was keen to get started on some gardening.  We asked Bill if he would like to weed around the Parsley in the new Hugel Culture raised beds that surround the children’s plot.  Because there were so many weeds, Bill came up with a great idea to remove all the plants and dig over and weed the bed then replacing the desired plants.


With spring time on her way, we set about weeding the raised beds in preparation for planting out our spring crops like broad beans onion sets and garlic.IMG_5912

With potato day around the corner Fiona and Sarah organised the cuttings and plants which they had overwintered and brought on, in the greenhouse.  They found they had a particularly bumper Mizuna crop which they thought could be potted up for sale, for window sill salads.  There will also be strawberry plants for sale.

Our recently acquired extra plot destined to be a heritage orchard with compost facility gave us an opportunity to do some willow sculpture planting in the form of a nice willow tunnel.  Kamil had harvested around 100 willow cuttings from his own allotment which Duncan and he planted in two straight rows which once growing tall will be woven over thus creating a nice tunnel feature and a screen for the compost area.  We are hopeful these cuttings will take as our soil is just right now what with the recent rains and not too cold.

The planting process is nice and easy, just open up a slot or furrow with the spade and push the cutting as deep in as possible, heel soil around and water to help the soil settle and wait.

After a sunny morning the weather decided to turn just in time for lunch, but like true Brits the wind and spitting didn’t phase us too much.  We were joined for lunch by a few friends bearing food stuffs to share, which added to the jollity of the occasion.  All proving that being around good people, food food in a natural environment can make one almost forget about the inclement weather.

A big thank you to everybody who helped make our return to the plot an inspiring, happy plot day with some good jobs accomplished.

Next Transition event is our Southmenders repair Cafe.  Saturday 3rd Feb provisional date, please check the page for updates.