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Muddy March Plot day

Down on the community allotment, after the recent snow, signs of life are bursting forth abundantly.  The resilience of nature never fails to astound.  Look what’s this?  new fruit trees appeared on the new orchard area, has a certain Polish friend been grafting in the midnight hour?

A friend who is sadly giving up her allotment, due to a house move out of the area, kindly wanted to donate her tools and other allotment bits to us.  Katherine passed a stream of wonderment’s from her shed, cloches, poly-tunnels, automatic watering kits and raised bed kits.  We were helped back to our plot by her super helpful son Danny who seemed sad to be leaving their plot but inspired with the prospect of getting involved with our project.  His enthusiasm and kindness restored in us a optimism for future generations.  While Sarah was digging in trees, she saw a couple of baby slow worms which Danny got acquainted with.

I set about replacing the remaining missing perspex window panes in the childrens play house, just after all the snow and rain of course!  A standard cross cut saw cut just about made a reasonable job with the perspex supported between two boards.  The chips were hidden within the window frame hurrah!  Just a fresh set of curtains to be run up now and the refurbishment will be complete.

Fiona and Sarah transplanted two gooseberry bushes and two blueberries from the triangle raised beds into the new orchard area and one into the children’s plot so they can pluck blueberries like sweeties while they play.

When Katherine came over she offered us some youngish blue berries and red gooseberry bushes, which we swiftly transferred to join their new happy fruitbush family.  Thank you mother nature for a perfectly scheduled drop of rain to settle in our new fruity friends.

In true Sitcomma fashion we managed to celebrate our days efforts with a sumptuous pot luck lunch of veggie curry, warmed on the rocket stove and some great simple to make veggie sausage rolls,  sorry for the lack of food pics.

We can hardly wait for when spring really gets underway and all the display of the new orchard blossoms and then the yields of delicious fruits for years and generations to come.

Thank you for your interest and please check out our facebook page and the Transition web page  for updates and future plot days.

Next Transition event is Repair Cafe Sunday 25th March.

Duncan, Sarah and the team