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Hug a hoodie when rain makes the plot muddie

The allotment team were shocked by the weather today. It took us 10 min of getting wet before we believed that rain is falling:)

Plants will certainly be happy as some looked sad in the heat. We are waiting a flush of salads but also weeds so help us out!

Fruits of our labours

The fruit trees and soft fruit shrubs have developed well this year.

The veg patch will need more attention but one can always barter and our lovely neighbour gave us some beetroot, potatoes and parsley in exchange for spent coffee grounds.

See you tomorrow.

Taster Day – Sun 29/07 9-11 SiT Community Allotment

Taster Day – Sun 29/07 9-11


Southend in Transition Community Allotment

(entrance to allotments off Hamstel Road – Garon’s end – opposite fish and chips Plaice to Be)

Where you can learn how to grow food, look after your garden, take fresh produce home, meet new people over a shared meal and exchange ideas on how to help the community thrive.

Taster Days – Volunteers and public welcome

Sun 29/07 9-11

It’s hot isn’t it. So we are meeting early.

Joyful gardening.

Visit to have a cup of tea with us.

Thu 9/08 10-15

Clearing the orchard, diy, big push overall, join the RBS volunteers on the day.

Sat 11/08 10-14

Joys of gardening.

Other events and groups:

Think Global/Drink Local – 29/08 Wed 19:00 Railway Hotel pop in for THE community social meet up, open to all groups and individuals interested in local community and sustainability

Repair Café Pictures Shoebury Hub

Southend 2050 Be part of the conversation

Southend Festival 01/07-15/08

SE Home Education Group – Fri 3/08 11-16 Trust Links Shoeburyness

Fats by John Lawson 7/08 7-9pm

National Permaculture Convergence 20/09

Regular opportunities:

Vacant plots on the main Southend East site available. Contact Dave on 07801355630 Well stocked trade hut.

Amazing World and Life Changing Books Selection – Fundraiser for SiT or 07766727266, park in or around Cluny Sq

Earthangel Allotment School

Mendip Wildlife Gardens

St Laurence Orchard Work Days – Trust Links

Community Tree Nursery

Learning opportunities

Compost making

Wise watering

Soil fertility



water catchment and storage

Tool shed

Potting table

Materials storage

Starting new plot – digging

Visit us to plant, catch the sun, grow, water, sit, enjoy, drink tea or just chat.

How you can help?

  • donate tools (even if broken as we might be able to fix them)
  • donate seed
  • donate your time – volunteer occasionally or on a regular basis
  • leave us a review here and here

Where is it?

Click to find our little plot off Hamstel Road. Link to MAP

Past days

Feeding the fruit

A win for England and the bees

Basking in the evening sun

Cool evening visit

Kind Regards

Kamil Pachalko


Southend in Transition

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Kamil Pachalko

Feeding the fruit

The team at P49 returned and used the comfrey tea they made mixed with pond water to water the fruiting raspberries. Lots of minerals in there. They used the ground coffee to feed the young trees and shrubs. Everyone seemed more confident and involved. The trees looked like they benefited from the care of our volunteers over the months and some have grown a good 30-40 cm. Thanks everyone.

Veronica and Jill joined the plot as volunteers and helped out. We spent a long time admiring the grapes. There will be buckets of them in two months time:)

A win for England and the bees

Guessing from the happy noises around the neighborhood England won the match:) well done and enjoy the celebrations.

The other winners today were the pollinators and your humble fruit picker on our plot.

Bees, bumble bees and butterflies landing on the comfrey, lavender and enjoying sips of water from the tray with stones and water.

Lots of soft fruit, beans, chard and Welsh onion. The courgette is growing well.

See you Monday.

Basking in the evening sun

Plans changed and I could visit the plot this eve. I took a few snaps of neighbours flowers and fruiting shrubs and trees. There are lots of different varieties and when they prune them in autumn i will ask for cuttings. We will have plenty of vine grape, raspberry, rhubarb and strawberry plants.

I am certain we have two varieties of raspberry as some canes produce very large fruit consistently. The joy and adventure of donated plants:)

See you soon. We are going to have extra days on the plot with visits from P49 and RBS volunteers.

Cool evening visit

Scorching hot days are not always pleasant but the evenings on the plot are nice and cool:) We had four visitors who helped with picking raspberries, watering and feeding the fish while having a nice chat. We picked more redcurrants, first blueberries and gooseberries. Black currants are not ready yet.

The flowers on our and neighbouring plots feed the bees and bumble bees and make the borders standout.

Thanks for the offers of helping with the digging of the plots, DIY, photography and feeding the birds and fish. It is all appreciated.

See you again soon.