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Not made from sugar

14 volunteers from NatWest and our regulars visited the plot last Thursday for some community action! We watched the met office forecast from the beginning of the week and were hoping for some conductive weather. I was worried the rain might put everyone off but Chloe and her team were ready to try anyway.

The day before I got some tarps for the sitting area just in case. Trust Links kindly lent us airpots so we could have plenty of hot drinks.

On the day the team arrived in full attire. Everyone was keen to start the work and we assigned jobs. Thanks to Sarah and Duncan for helping with organising the teams and sorting tools. This was certainly the most busy work wise we have been so far. All the donated tools came in really handy. Thank you!

We started work on clearing the wood from the family plot, clearing orchard area, clearing the new corner we were given, bagging up compost, making a compost sieve and additional poles for the tarp.

We will have lots of compost for the raised beds and the plots look much better now.

The rain got worse over time and we gave out the coats we had. The volunteers did not seem at all slowed in their work and just laughed it off for most of the morning.

2.5 hours into the work day the rain soaked everyone through and we suggested to call it a day with people to grab lunch. You could see that they wanted and would stay more if it wasn’t for people getting soaked and cold by then. We did not feel disapointed though as the progress made has been great and the team was full of characters, we had lots of laughs and exchanged ideas.

Chloe hopes to come back again next year. In the meantime if your group, business or workplace wants a great active day out get in touch with us.

Sunshine after a rainy day Sat 11th Aug ’18

After the recent rain the plants were looking happier but so were the weeds.  August is quiet for visitors on the plot it was just the two of us.

The recent acquisition of our orchard area means there are lots of exciting plans and jobs afoot.  This was helped greatly by last Thursday’s Natwest team building work party who 14 strong set about, despite persistent rain, clearing the orchard overgrowth, dissembling  surplus raised beds and building a large gravity compost sifter.

So today we were blessed with the opportunity to potter,  tying up and cutting back superfluous leaf growth on tomato vines allowing them to concentrate their energy on ripening the fruit.   We took great pleasure in harvesting rhubarb for refreshing rhubarb and ginger wine,  picking blackberries from the wild areas at the edge of the allotment site, ready for jams and pies and more wine, well you have to catch and store energy don’t you? Other jobs include pruning blueberries, weeding out the chard beds, feeding the fish and making a start on creating a dojo or lowdown chill area for meditation or napping.

It’s so great at this time of the year, harvesting the fruits of ours and natures labors, the grapes are just starting to ripen on the vine and it looks like we are blessed with an amazing crop in only it’s third year, a remarkable plant.

If you want a nature fix and a chance to wonder at her abundance, diversity and resilience, take some fresh organic produce home and help grow the project please join us for the next taster day and meanwhile spread the word.

Next official plot taster day is Sunday 26th August 10am-2pm but look out for impromptu days as and when we get the chance.

Thanks for your interest Happy Summer from Duncan and Sarah

Taster Day – Sat 11/08 9-12 Community Allotment

Taster Day – Sat 11/08 9-12 – Change to Time


Southend in Transition Community Allotment

(entrance to allotments off Hamstel Road – Garon’s end – opposite fish and chips Plaice to Be)

Where you can learn how to grow food, look after your garden, take fresh produce home, meet new people over a shared meal and exchange ideas on how to help the community thrive.

Taster Days – Volunteers and public welcome

Sat 11/08 9-12

Joys of gardening.

Other events and groups:

Think Global/Drink Local – 29/08 Wed 19:00 Railway Hotel pop in for THE community social meet up, open to all groups and individuals interested in local community and sustainability

Repair Café Pictures Shoebury Hub

Southend 2050 Be part of the conversation

Southend Festival 01/07-15/08

National Permaculture Convergence 20/09

Regular opportunities:

Vacant plots on the main Southend East site available. Contact Dave on 07801355630 Well stocked trade hut.

Amazing World and Life Changing Books Selection – Fundraiser for SiT or 07766727266, park in or around Cluny Sq

Earthangel Allotment School

Mendip Wildlife Gardens

St Laurence Orchard Work Days – Trust Links

Community Tree Nursery

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Starting new plot – digging

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