Monthly Archives: October 2018

Back to the land

The last few weeks have been a personal celebration for me, the joy of being out on the land after a long 4 months recuperating from an operation. I was a spectator through the window as summer passed. Now I am back! It was a joy to see the plot again, to see the changes that the hard work of my fellow allotmenteers have made. There has been a few work parties of volunteers who have made a huge difference.

This day Janet set to weeding the raised beds, Susan thinned out the strawberry runners. Duncan and Kamil worked on setting up the huge water butt ( there is a technical term for it that escapes me)  This will hugely increase our rainwater harvesting capacity and we can run hose pipes from it.


I got stuck in potting up the abundance of strawberry plants. This variety are very prolific, I can recommend them!

And the harvest

SIT wine perhaps?

Looking forward to the next plot day… this Saturday 13th October.

Part Two … Apple Day

Apple day bag

This is my favourite community event of the year and a real celebration of all things apple. It is organised by Trust Links, a local mental health charity.

They have wonderful theraputic gardening projects and manage St Laurence Orchard which is an ancient orchard in Eastwood. Southend in Transition usually have a stall there to raise some funds.

appleday ron

Our stall had crafts, homemade “free from ” baking, homemade preserves, books and handmade items. We also bought along some strawberry plants and of course there was apple bobbing.


The cakes sold out quickly and the bag and wooden apple painting were very popular. The best thing about the day is seeing people enjoying this wonderful ancient orchard and catching up with friends. And the rain held off until packing up time. The next event there will be Wassailing in January.