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Sat 10th Novem ’18 Notice no Berrhh in November ;-)

A bonus warm and bright day just perfect for late season pottering and preparing the plot for the winter weather, which must be arriving at some stage?

Fiona and I arrived on the plot and were greeted with the burst of autumnal colour  and begun with a bit of mooching to got a feel for what the plot seemed to need.

We decided to hold off on the grape vine pruning until the leaves had fully dropped.

Fiona set about cutting back the lavender bushes which sit at the start of the raised beds and really need transplanting so they can grow free.  Fiona took the opportunity to attempt to bring some cuttings on.  Lavender hedges are not only fragrantly beautiful but useful too.  Meanwhile I set about connecting the sheds guttering up to our mega butt.

Meanwhile regular volunteers Susan and linda immersed themselves in some titivating of the raised beds while chit chatting and soaking up the rays.

After a satisfying mornings session we were more than ready for one of Fiona’s nutritious bean stews, mopped up with french loafs donated by the Co-op’s surplus food programme.

We will leave you with a few more photos and look forward to welcoming you to join us for next community allotment installment where you could learn how to prune a grape vine correctly for great yields, talk compost or just enjoy a cup of tea in the fresh air.  Next plot day  Sunday 25th Nov 10-2pm.

Thanks for your interest Duncan and the team.:-)


Bonfire Celebrations

At this time of the year our allotment society allows bonfires for a limited time. It is a time to clear up debris on the plot and generate valuable potash. Also it is a lot of fun! We on the Southend on Transition plot make the most of it by having a cook out as well. It is becoming a bit of a tradition.


It was a beautiful balmy autumm morning when we arrived on the plot. It was already smoky from a number of other bonfires. Work started on chopping wood and bulding up the fire, a carefully chosen spot away from our new fruit trees. I had noticed that some other people had built up their bonfire a few weeks before. This can be dangerous to hedgehogs and other small creatures. Please check your woodpile and bonfire pile before lighting it.

Friends and new friends arrived, lots of happy children and adults.

As the coals burnt down a bit the feast was set cooking. Alicja did a marvelous job feeding lots of hungry tums. There was chat, music and a bit of work. Our magnificent pumkins and squashes were harvested.

And there was cake and of course marshmallows to toast and a yummy contribution, chocolate stuffed bannanas to cook on the fire.

The flames were built higher and I felt the additional warmth of friendship and community spirit. The afternoon shadows grew longer but we were in no hurry to leave.

And then it was the moment Nella had been waiting for … firefighter practice. As the she wielded the hosepipe professionally she was engulfed in smoke and shouted triumphantly ” I am the best firefighter” …thats girl power!


Another fine day on the plot.