Monthly Archives: March 2019

Windy but sunny

Wow, despite the gusts of wind out faithful group got on with the work on the plot. The temperature felt at moments warm and then cold so was hard to decide which layer to keep on.

Fiona worked on the greenhouse sowing seeds, we joked it was the best job on a day like this. Penny visited for a good chat and cup of tea, Mia and Billy planted potatoes and watered them with water from the fish pond and I emptied some horse manure onto one of the compost mounds and then started clearing the side of the composer. We can than create another bay and at the back build the long awaited deluxe storage.

We had some simple lunch with home made bread, salad and cheese, cake and jelly.

The bees continue to take a lot of water from our watercress tray. Richard advised that their honey crystallized so they use it to dissolve it. There was a humongous bumble bee drying out in the sun- sorry for splashing you!

The water storage at the bag of the shed works great Duncan and will cut down on our use of the mains.

Spring, buds and flowers

Some great weather* and company allowed us to get lots of work done. Shed being set up which will keep us dry during wet times and which we hope to make into a nature museum with curiosities such as skins shed by snakes, dried out beetles and plants to give kids a chance to be a little allotment scientist.

The long awaited clear out of the raspberry/strawberry bed took place and Bethany and Susan did not shy away from the hard labour. The children fed the plants and enjoyed the obstacle course.  Thank you Tilly, Mia and Steven, Duncan, Fiona, new visitor and the photographer Alistair who took the photos for the Echo.

*our happiness about it is dampened by the fact these weather anomalies are due to human induced climate change so we continue to take practical and political action to address the causes while benefiting the allotment’s health creation effect to keep ourselves well.