Pergola is on the up 26/6/21

An update from the Open day and follow up visits. Tilly took care of the rhubarb bed, nice to see it again and potted up 10 plus for give aways and donations. Demanding job but satisfying indeed

The plot is looking lush and abundant while tranquil thanks to so many people helping to create this space.

Shaun brought his hand drawn map of the allotments part of his art project and got involved with Clive in preparing the wood for the pergolas. They will give us vertical growing spaces and a pleasant feature to the plot.

Duncan did his mid season check on the grape vine by pruning it to encourage fruit growth.

Kath in turn helped us to experiment with the green cuttings and applied rooting gel and potted them up.m

Mia watered some of the plants and herded some snails.

Susan and Susan popped in for a chat, a nit of inspiration and some tips.

A few days later I planted runner beans , courgettes, climbing beans, potatoes, perennial onion and leeks. Strawberries are ripening as well so good time to visit

Interested? Join us on the 10th and 24th Sat 10-14 😊

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