Week ending on the plot

So what did we achieve :)?
Fiona and Lea set out the tables with goodies and welcomed our visitors. Lea took a million photos of us and nature to cherish, Duncan, James and Edward cracked on with the wood store, Gaynor, Heather, Lea, Kacper, Michaela and more friends weeded bed after bed after bed, Kamil started sorting our storage and cleaning up. We enjoyed a beautiful meal, Fiona and Alicja made it a special occasion. Kids being kids enjoyed each other and played while also getting stuck in here and there. Iwona took on a plot next door and popped in with her family. Overall we had 18 people, 6 plot sign ups
and my step counter showed 23k steps. Not bad in a days work 😊

On Sunday it was lovely to see friends from before the pandemic. The little one helped us empty the pond for the dishes and plants enjoyed the nutrient dense water. We swapped seeds and stories. Ed came on board and cleared the remaining prunings and planted our artichokes so they can continue to bless us into the coming yearπŸ™πŸ˜‰. Good conversations about wellbeing, health and importance of pacing. Kamil continued with the sort out, clear out. Bridget and her friend came not long after and helped clear the perennial kale bed and stayed on to feed them with the compost tea. Oh what brave souls πŸ˜πŸ™

Bridget did an interview for her research related to sustainable food systems.

We could not do this without everyone’s help making the plot accessible to everyone

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