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Taster Day – Sat 19/01 11:30-13:30 Southend in Transition – Community Allotment

Taster Day – Sat 19/01 11:30-13:30


Southend in Transition Community Allotment

(entrance to allotments off Hamstel Road – Garon’s end – opposite fish and chips Plaice to Be)

Where you can learn how to grow food, look after your garden, take fresh produce home, meet new people over a shared meal and exchange ideas on how to help the community thrive
Taster Days – Volunteers and public welcome

Sat 19/01 11:30-13:30

Tending to the beds. Greenhouse care.

Get those thermals on, hot tea/coffee available, cheese scones on the plot.

Sun 27/01 10-14:00

Tending to the beds.

Past days

Last days of 2018

The great rhubarb move

January Repair Cafe Results are in

Other events and groups:

Think Global/Drink Local – 30/01 Wed 19:00 Railway Hotel pop in for THE community social meet up, open to all groups and individuals interested in local community and sustainability

Repair Cafe Returns Feb, watch this space, EpicQuest TBC.

SEEOG Talk: ‘Bees, Biodynamic sand CommunityOwnership at Lauriston Farm 21/01 8 pm, Growing Together Westcliff

Wassailing 20/01 2.00pm-3.30pm St Laurence Orchard

Dementia Friendly Walk 21/01 Belfairs Woodland Centre

EWT Local Group – "Wildlife & Gardening" 24/01 Belfairs Woodland Centre with Graham Burnett

Two Three Island Clean up 26/01 10-12:30

Do It Like a Mother – Crafting for Families – Bird feeders – 27/01

Heritage Wildlife Workshops 1/02 Growing Together Rochford, 34 Rocheway

Farewell Celebrations with Jen & Alice 2/02 Green Elephant Boutique

No Place for Hate: Winter Pride 02/02 Southend-on-Sea Pride – St. Mark’s Church Hall

Good Thinking Club Live! Positive Neil and Conscious Kitchen 6/02 Freight House, Rochford

Eco Superheroes Half Term Fun 16/02 RHS Garden Hyde Hall

Forest School – Family Sundays 17/02 Belfairs Woodland Centre

Seed Potato Day 23/02 10-14:00 including Seed Share

Charity Dinner and Auction for Leigh Folk Festival 01/03 Park Inn Hotel

Chalkwell Beach Clean Up 9/03 Southend BeachCare Group

Regular opportunities:

Vacant plots on the main Southend East site available. Contact Dave on 07801355630 Well stocked trade hut.

Amazing World and Life Changing Books Selection – Fundraiser for SiT or 07766727266

Earthangel Allotment School, Mendip Wildlife Gardens, St Laurence Orchard Work Days – Trust Links, Community Tree Nursery

Learning opportunities

Compost making

Wise watering

Soil fertility



water catchment and storage

Tool shed

Potting table

Materials storage

Starting new plot – digging

Visit us to plant, catch the sun, grow, water, sit, enjoy, drink tea or just chat.

How you can help?

  • donate tools (even if broken as we might be able to fix them)
  • donate seed
  • donate your time – volunteer occasionally or on a regular basis
  • leave us a review here and here

Where is it?

Click to find our little plot off Hamstel Road. Link to MAP

Kind Regards

Kamil Pachalko


Southend in Transition

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The great rhubarb move

Great day on the plot, bright, dry, no wind, not too cold and a bed full of overgrown rhubarb plants needing thinning. The physical activity was welcome after the Xmas food abundance:)

The plants were competing with each other and dried out in summer so we wanted to leave only three in the bed.

We were joined by Steve who got on with clearing the bed. The soil was nice as attested by the many worms thanks to mulching over the years. We had some compost left over and wanted it incorporated as well.

I have dropped of a supply of manure onto our compost heap. The middle one has sunk around a half meter already thanks to the rains washing down loads of nitrogen and minerals in the clay, manure and coffee grounds.

Duncan won’t be too pleased as the fox ate the tube from the solar fountain, again… We will need to upgrade to kevlar tubing:)

There was time for a coffee and pancakes break, hot water bottles placed strategically kepy us comfy.

Then we planted some rhubarb in containers to share with the community. We planted our rhubarb crowns in the new compost in the bed. Steve took some crowns for his gardening project.

Before we went we had a moment to admire the bed finished last week by Charlie with the horseradish leaves sticking out waiting for summer.

Thanks for all the help and have a great New Year.

Saying goodbye to 2018

You could say it was all about the horseradish today.

We had some great sunshine accompanying us while we were clearing the corner bed to fill it with our compost.

Charlie joined us before he takes up a position at an independent school and got to dig up the horseradish. He likes it grated in vinegar, I will make a sauce and add some to cooked and grated beetroots. Delicious. The roots take care of themselves so it is one of my favourite plants.

I covered our new bay of compost in the making with some coffee grounds and animal bedding. The heap was mostly carbon so far. The addition of nitrogen will help start the decompositiom process but we nees plenty more of the greens and other sources of N.

The vine looks very modest after Duncan’s prunning and will be ready to explode with leaves and fruit next year.

We had a hearty lunch and chatted about different psychological and community processes we are interested in.

Charlie stayed on to finish with the bed.

Thanks for the help in 2018, I hope you enjoyed our adventurea and see you next year peeps.

Last days of 2018

We braved it and there we were ready to tackle the sprawling grapevine which blessed us with kilograms of sweets fruit and the triangle bed which was home to the broad beans and some strawberries which sneaked their way in.

Duncan did a quick online course on pruning and there he was bringing order. I used our homemade compost to enrich the bed and planted Just add Cream strawberry saplings. Oh what a feast this will be.

Join us in 2019.

Harvesting together

Another productive visit from Project 49.

The team managed to cut the grass, rake the orchard plot, cut the comfrey, water plants, fertilize beds with used coffee grounds, weed a raised bed and harvest chard, tomatoes and grapes. You can see a lot of experience picked up from volunteering with Graham in Mendip. Their new film crew arrived a bit later and lots of pictures and footage were taken.
Thanks for all the help and laughs:)

Bosco helped out with the grape vine and prunned the plant to let more air and sunshine touch the grapes and help them mature. There will be plenty of them for snacking, freezing for smoothies, juicing and maybe even some wine:) thank you.

Not made from sugar

14 volunteers from NatWest and our regulars visited the plot last Thursday for some community action! We watched the met office forecast from the beginning of the week and were hoping for some conductive weather. I was worried the rain might put everyone off but Chloe and her team were ready to try anyway.

The day before I got some tarps for the sitting area just in case. Trust Links kindly lent us airpots so we could have plenty of hot drinks.

On the day the team arrived in full attire. Everyone was keen to start the work and we assigned jobs. Thanks to Sarah and Duncan for helping with organising the teams and sorting tools. This was certainly the most busy work wise we have been so far. All the donated tools came in really handy. Thank you!

We started work on clearing the wood from the family plot, clearing orchard area, clearing the new corner we were given, bagging up compost, making a compost sieve and additional poles for the tarp.

We will have lots of compost for the raised beds and the plots look much better now.

The rain got worse over time and we gave out the coats we had. The volunteers did not seem at all slowed in their work and just laughed it off for most of the morning.

2.5 hours into the work day the rain soaked everyone through and we suggested to call it a day with people to grab lunch. You could see that they wanted and would stay more if it wasn’t for people getting soaked and cold by then. We did not feel disapointed though as the progress made has been great and the team was full of characters, we had lots of laughs and exchanged ideas.

Chloe hopes to come back again next year. In the meantime if your group, business or workplace wants a great active day out get in touch with us.