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Plans for 2016

Hi there fans and friends of Southend in Transition Community Allotment
We had our first plot visit this year and got a cunning plan of making it even better place to meet new people, enjoy nature and growing fresh, mood and immune boosting food.
Please see dates for Taster dates open to new people below. Just come in for a cup of tea and piece of cake to see the plot and decide then if it is something you want to get involved with. Bring a friend of family. We have a core group of growers so if you want to pop in now and again that’s just right.
This year we have our original plot to work on and are looking at working on a Family Plot so if you are in a blessed state, have that newborn or toddler please let us know so we can check some ideas with you what would make it an ideal place for you to bring your family to.
Taster days 2nd Sat and 4th Sun of the month, between 10-14, newcomers welcome:
Sun 28/02 Spring Clean- clean out the greenhouse, weed the beds and paths, mow the grass, turn out the compost bins and mulch
Sat 12/03 Soil preparation – Soil testing – Soil improvement
Sun 27/03 Last of winter harvest and lunch – making seed bombs
Sat 9/04 Seed, weed, read – Seed Swap and Spring poetry
Sun 24/04 Plant and rant – take a pot home
Sat 14/05 Seed and more weed – Make a of a bug hotel and take home
Transition Drinks – Transition Drinks – 25/02, 31/03, 28/04 last Thursday of every month, 19:00, Olde Trout Pub
Save my mobile and see you there.
What you can do now:
1. visit the plot Map for a Taster
2. forward to friends
3. if you have any tools, seeds, allotment stuff etc drop it off or let me know if you need it picked up. Thanks in advance.
4. have a look at recent pictures
5. suggest what events and activities would you like to see IMG_20160214_145350 PicsArt_02-14-07.07.45 PicsArt_02-14-07.06.07 IMG_20160214_150218

Spring-like Saturday (just a tad windy)


Extreme picnicking Note wind felled tree behind Fiona

With three of the core members working on other projects, it was just the two of us for this weeks meet up. Fiona and I resisted the urge to skimp on the days work, with no one to report on us, honestly!
Once I had dealt with emails associated with the allotment insurance research ( the excitement was unbearable ) Health and Safety statement….blah blah… but Confucius say; Better to be safe than sorry! Meanwhile on top off being an excellent info gatherer for my form filling, Fiona deliberated the pros and cons of joining The Trust for ConservationVolunteers
TCV have a host of benefits of joining for community based projects, the free bag for life hit a soft spot for both of us:-)

Fiona's Pressed Rye sandwich extraordinaire, Sorry for poor picture

Fiona’s Pressed Rye sandwich extraordinaire, Sorry for poor picture

Who smuggled these sugary Flap jack fellas in (Sorry i confess)

Who smuggled these sugary Flap jack fellas in (Sorry i confess)

Fiona says:
“Extreme Picnicking” (my kind of sport!)

Rules for Extreme Picnicking
1. Windbreak/shelter blown down at least twice
2. Hold onto your food at all costs
3. Bonus points if your basket blows away
4.Never run out of tea (note to self, pack a bigger thermos)

On a serious note it was great to visit the plot and indulge in a spot of creative visualisation. There are signs of spring; burgeoning blossom in the trees along the back edge, rhubarb coming through on other plots, I am so excited to think what our plot will look like this time next year.



Community Allotment update 29/01/2014

We had productive meetings both 18/01 and 26/01 and an online Hangout on the 21/01

18/01 we started off on the with a quick run through reflecting on the process of setting up the community allotment: what worked in 2013, what did not work/frustrated us in 2013 and what do we want to continue with/address in 2014. For example what worked were regular meetings, diversity of ideas and good division of tasks, what was frustrating was technology not always working or too many tools used. At the next meeting we will discuss what to continue with and how to address issues for 2014 to keep the work going and and ensure we are having an enjoyable experiences.


That gave us plenty food for thought and we discussed some of the points in more detail.

21/01 Virtual meeting consisted of testing out of Google Hangout instead of Skype and it worked really well. We will use it from now on for our mid week communication.
25/01 we went out with Duncan to pick up some scaffolding boards which we will use for our raised beds, they are long and good width and thickness. Thanks to Lee from L.A.B. scaffolding for that bounty. Much appreciated. How many more goodies like that are laying around industrial estates which could be used for so many other projects? Stop there Kamil:), focus…
26/01 meeting was at Duncan’s, kept warm by the wood stove we discussed steps which will take us to our goal of setting up an organization for Southend in Transition which will enable us to manage and support the community plot and other projects.

We used cut outs with some of the actions suggested so far and grouped them into Research charity structure, Design, Implement, Maintain and Review/Evaluate. We added actions and prioritized to keep things simple and effective and then people took ownership of actions.


Some of us are starting with near zero knowledge on the topics but by researching them and supporting each other we will soon have built up knowledge and skills just like we have built up the shed:) on the plot. Out of an empty space a structure will manifest itself just be patient and put one foot in front of the other.

We finished off with a feast which Duncan, I gather must have been preparing from around 4 AM that morning and we even got some take away for home.
Looking forward to the next feast, that is I meant Planning Meeting:)
Next social meeting is at the Transition Drink 30/01 from 7pm at the Olde Trout and then Planning Meeting 01/02 Saturday 11-13.
Get in touch if you are interested in joining or advising the core group or if you just want to pop in for a chat.

A new face in a new place

Hello, Alex here. I am new to the group and new to Southend, having only just moved here two week ago. Knowing no one in the area, I was keen to meet like-minded people and find locally active groups through which I could put my spare time to good use, and seem to have hit the jackpot already!

My love affair with the natural world has been a long one. I love the Great Outdoors and have clocked many hours volunteering for environmental charities. My attraction to this project is rooted in my strong belief that connection with the land does wonders for the mind, body and soul, and that working with and in nature offers therapeutic benefits, whilst protecting a resource of intrinsic and incalculable value.

Last Saturday’s planning day was a thought-provoking experience. It was great to have the opportunity to learn a bit more about each other, as well as about ourselves. Appreciative inquiry is a new concept to me and the motivation and positivity it provoked means I am already looking out for chances to apply its principles elsewhere in my life. Good company and good food was also a big bonus! Thanks to Duncan, Fiona and Kamil for keeping me well fed and watered and making me feel so welcome 🙂


Looking forward to getting my hands dirty!

SiTComA update Planning Day 16/11/2013

Today’s planning day was spent on working out what type of organization inspires us and we started brainstorming ideas and actions.

We started with the Appreciative Inquiry interviews on “what makes a great organization/team” and started to brainstorm the goal and reasons why. We will be adding to it on the next meetings and Skype calls so people who cannot come to all meetings can still contribute and I am figuring a way out of doing it online so even if you cannot attend a meeting you can still log in for a few minutes and add your points.


Hopefully next meeting that Adriana and Ian can attend they can also do the Appreciative Inquiry interview.

Fiona and Alex will meet up for a skill share teaching each other WordPress blogging and use of Google Docs.

We are having a Skype call this week coming Wed 20:00 or 20:30 for an hour.

I enjoyed working with you guys and gals today, it felt energizing and friendly. Thank you Fiona for offering to do the write up and for the lovely food, the chili was just fine to nourish us and the apple dessert a winner.Next Actions:

Meetings to continue working out the plan for Setting Up the Organization or work days for Preparing the Site for Growing. We will adapt according to the weather and our fancy:)

Watch out for future dates and contact us if you want to get involved in the Work Days or Planning Days.