And some lovely comments from everyone:

Thanks for coming today. Please let me know how it was for you and I will include your feedback in the next blog post. It will help us and others understand the impact the project is making. It could be a word/sentence/ picture or paragraph describing yours or your child’s experience. As an example but not to limit you: What Connections have you made, what did you Learn, what did you Notice, what Physical Activity did you do or what did you Give to others of the project. Cheers and see you again.

Eleanor King
🍪🍵🍇🍅🌽🌏💛 food, chat, friends and fun outdoor play for the children
Lester Mills

Louise Nathan
Nice to meet friendly people, lovely food, great playing opportunity for Samantha. She had loads of fun in the family plot with all the toys and play kitchen. And yes, grapes! Oh, and I learned about bananas being used to encourage tomatoes to ripen!

Laura Elizabeth Mills
I enjoyed how my sense of well-being changed as I intermingled with gentle people. The sharing of each others food really resonated with me, eating, laughing, sharing and talking outside of your comfort zone has a positive impact on your mental health. To see people coming together to grow, dig and share their knowledge reminds me that I’m not alone in wanting a better future for me and my family. Thank you SIT for providing that 🙂 ❤