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Another good day

As you see in the pictures we are having some time to create signage and beautify the shed.

As part of the LAND Learner we will be helping visitors to learn about permaculture – one of our tools will be roof tiles with the principles dotted around the plot.

Pumpkins and melons grow fast and are becoming heavier every week so a net was used to support them.

Tomatoes although planted late in the greenhouse caught up and some small fruit are visible.

M helped us with wedding today as the brambles and nettles liked the hot weather with showers. Thanks the plot looks tidier now.

One unexpected find was the puff ball mushroom. It is the third year I am finding it on the paths. Left some to mature and leave spors for next year.

Lunch was great with couscous salad, red cabbage salad, noodle salad, home made bread and mozzarella, finished off with homemade cocoa and dried fruit balls.

Next weekend some of us are going on an educational trip to Lambourne End. Let us know if you want to come along.

Week after we are back on the plot to plant some more and I will bring the Kelly kettle to make us some hot tea and our first stir fry!

If you only have a minute pop in for a cuppa 🙂