In general:

Inspired by Transition Movement and set up by Southend in Transition your local initiative


We want to use one of the allotment plots at Southend East Allotment Society site to create a community plot where local residents can come occasionally or regularly to learn new growing skills, interact with each other and nature, save some money by taking some organic produce home and then maybe start growing at home or take on their own plot when they have the confidence.

Currently there is four of us, all Southend residents who are just at the start of the journey of learning how to grow our own food and work together as a group to meet new people and spend time in a enjoyable way.

We will continue to drive this project so you can join in as much or as little as you can afford or have time too:), you are welcome.

People ache for community. Due to the way we live now it is hard to make new connections where you live so we hope that our project will bring local people together and forge new connections especially for those who are now isolated.

People love to eat fresh, tasty food which is affordable. We hope that by giving them access to the growing skills, equipment and space we can make it easier for all of us to access that food especially if we are on low income.

People feel better in nature. The plot will be their chance to interact with the soil, plants and animals (mostly earth worms:), have the occasional sweat which will improve their mental health and physical well being.

On top of it all as it was not enough we believe in the Power of Just Doing Stuff and Little Steps and meeting together, growing food in an organic way and preparing it together contributes to reducing the risk of runaway Climate Change and and builds resilience against Peak oil and Financial Crisis.

We are aiming at using reclaimed, donated and recycled materials as much of the time as we can.

But we still need to pay for the plots rent, insurance for our organisation and some materials so it would be an encouragement to know that people want to chip in as currently we do not have any funding.

In the future we hope to be able to apply for grants to further our work.

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