Woodwork and lots more

Update from the 5/2:Great work all indeed, Heather and Bethany cleared one of the beds, strawberries got spaced out nicely, learning to do it for the first time and doing great. Clive prepped wood and anchors for the pergola from rescued timber, Betty, Nella and Grace invented all sorts of games in the makeshift club house. Good to see Steve who helped me finish the playground frame and started on the sanding. Piotr then came to the rescue and we fitted additional all sorts swingy thingy tested with approval by Amelia and Nella. We topped of with some bunting and wood cutting. Not bad for a work session.

Update from the 30/1:

Heather came and beavered away at branch processing, finishing the pile! I faffed about with greenhouse levels…
Susan and son Sam caught the end of the session but hope to get involved next one.

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